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Gender Position and category Region Company size Age group Net monthly salary
gender_icon Agricultural Engineer, Agronomist Agriculture, Food Industry Ruma medium company (51 - 249 employees) 25-34 75,833.00 RSD
gender_icon Telecommunication Specialist Telecommunications Beograd - Novi Beograd n/a 100,000.00 RSD
gender_icon Programmer Information Technology Beograd - Novi Beograd large company (250 or more employees) 25-34 400,000.00 RSD
gender_icon IT Network Administrator Information Technology Južno-bački okrug n/a 35-44 100,000.00 RSD
gender_icon Mechanical Engineer Mechanical Engineering Kruševac medium company (51 - 249 employees) 35-44 100,000.00 RSD
gender_icon IT Security Specialist Information Technology Beograd - Novi Beograd n/a 130,000.00 RSD
gender_icon Advisor Public Administration, Self-governance Beograd - Palilula n/a 117,750.00 RSD
gender_icon Frontend developer Information Technology Beograd - Zvezdara n/a 100,000.00 RSD
gender_icon Marketing Director Top Management Beograd - Vračar medium company (51 - 249 employees) 25-34 140,000.00 RSD
gender_icon Internal Auditor Banking Beograd - Novi Beograd n/a 35-44 280,000.00 RSD